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  How it Works


  1. Simply click on the register button on our website
  2. Enter the unique code found on the back of the TAG
  3. Enter your email address & contact number
    Register in seconds from your mobile, ipad, laptop or desktop computer.
    Now attach your TAG to your luggage using the simple loop system - That's it!

    OPTIONAL: You can add your travel details for each trip such as destination & flight numbers by clicking on (update itinerary). Should your luggage go missing this may speed up the process of airport staff getting your lost luggage back to you.

    Carry on luggage is not checked in! 
    Around 90% of all carry on bags have no identification attached!
    Airport security does not recommend fixing your physical address to your luggage!
    SuperSmartTag is the safe and simple inexpensive solution!

Once coverage of your tag expires we will email you and you can optionally renew it for an additional 2 years.

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SuperSmartTag Trusted By Airline Personnel & Cabin Crews!
The World's No. 1 lost luggage prevention product!


Visit us in Las Vegas from February 27th - March 1st. 2013 at the Travel Goods Show!

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