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  Lost Airline Luggage - The Facts


Lost Luggage can ruin any trip or vacation. First you must find the right place in a huge airport to report it lost then you need to face the next day with the thought of putting on the same clothes you're wearing which is a disaster especially for a woman! If you're traveling on business, lost luggage may mean that you're without valuable materials or samples in an important meeting.

Airlines continue to lose thousands of bags every hour every day. Our unique luggage tags greatly reduce the ever growing problem for airport lost & found staff and airlines alike which is ultimately great for air travelers.

Having just arrived at Hayman Island, Australia for a wedding without my luggage I was worried. Luckily I fitted a SuperSmartTag to my suit case and added my itenerary so that the airline knew where I was and just 2 hours later my luggage was delivered to my hotel room door! J. Gordon

Arriving at your destination without your luggage is not a pleasant experience and can be a true nightmare.
Luggage typically goes missing after check-in especially when connecting flights. However, recent surveys also show that a high number of carry on items are left behind both in aircraft and at airport terminals while a very high number of items are left behind when going through today’s rigorous security checks.

Exposing your name and address on luggage is dangerous and can easily lead to identity theft.
SuperSmartTag unique tracking codes eliminate the need to expose your personal details which is greatly appreciated by airlines and airports alike.

The best solution is to be prepared! If your luggage does go missing, modern identification will be paramount in getting it back to you quickly. 
The optional SuperSmartTag itinerary feature allows airport lost and found staff to easily trace your lost luggage by locating your contact details, your flight numbers and even your destination in a matter of seconds.

Update your itinerary from your mobile phone in just seconds!
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Lost Airline Luggage - The Facts
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